Tropical Cyclone Marcia

On Thursday 20th February 2015, Tropical Cyclone Marcia made landfall near Yeppoon in Central Queensland between 8 and 9am. The cyclone crossed the coast as a Category 5 cyclone, the highest classification given by the Bureau of Meteorology to a storm categorised by high winds around a calm centre that produces winds in excess of 280km/h over open, flat land. TC Marcia struck the township of Yeppoon as a Category 4 cyclone and then the city of Rockhampton as a Category 3 at approximately 1pm. The cyclone moved inland causing wind damage and flooding to areas in the Gladstone, Monto and Biloela districts before being downgraded to a Category 1 cyclone and then a low pressure system that brought heavy rain and flooding to South East Queensland.  Below is a story from Channel 7 featuring Suncorp and one of our repairs at Kinka Beach in Yeppoon.